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  The Organs of the AU
The Specialized Technical Committees


1. There is hereby established the following Specialized Technical Committees, which shall be responsible to the Executive Council:

  • The Committee on Rural Economy and Agricultural Matters;
  • The Committee on Monetary and Financial Affairs;
  • The Committee on Trade, Customs and Immigration Matters;
  • The Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment;
  • The Committee on Transport, Communications and Tourism;
  • The Committee on Health, Labour and Social Affairs; and
  • The Committee on Education, Culture and Human Resources.

2. The Assembly shall, whenever it deems appropriate, restructure the existing Committees or establish other Committees.

3. The Specialized Technical Committees shall be composed of Ministers or senior officials responsible for sectors falling within their respective areas of competence.

Functions of the Specialized Technical Committees
Each Committee shall within its field of competence:

  • prepare projects and programmes of the Union and submit it to the Executive Council;
  • ensure the supervision, follow-up and the evaluation of the implementation of decisions taken by the organs of the Union;
  • ensure the coordination and harmonization of projects and programmes of the Union;
  • submit to the Executive Council either on its own initiative or at the request of the Executive Council, reports and recommendations on the implementation of the provisions of this Act; and
  • carry out any other functions assigned to it for the purpose of ensuring the implementation of the provisions of this Act.



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