AMISOM, for Peace, Stability and Development in Somalia

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In January 2007, the African Union Peace and Security Council authorized the deployment of the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with 09 infantry battalions of 850 each, and the accompanying support elements. Of the authorized 09 battalions, only 03 have so far been deployed, together, with a level 2 field Hospital. It is expected that Burundi will soon send in another Battalion making the strength of AMISOM to 04 Battalions. In an effort to mobilize more troops for the mission, the PSOD has been in consultation with Nigeria which promised to fulfill its pledge of troops. Discussions are also on–going with other African countries to provide troops for the mission. Some of the countries have expressed willingness to deploy but lack the logistics and financial capacity to do so


Commanding Officer - Brigade (-) Commanded by a Col

Strenght (1720 pers)

Organic Units
Inf Bn (-), Mech Inf Bn (-), Armd Regt (-), Arty Regt (-), AD Bty (-), Engr Pl, MP Pl, Med Pl (Level 2 Hosp), Signal Coy, Marine Pl, Log / Tpt / Maint, Air Traffic Controller

Tasks and Operations
Ops: VIP protection, route checks for mines / IEDs, routine patrols, holding ground, humanitarian assistance.

Commanding Officer Bn (+) Commanded by a 1* (also Dep FC)

Organic Units
•Inf Bn, Mech Inf Coy, MP Pl, Med Pl, Signal Pl, Log / Tpt / Maint

Operations and Tasks
Ops: VIP protection, route checks for mines / IEDs, routine patrols, holding ground, humanitarian assistance, incl provision of water

Level 2 (Ugandan)
–At the airport. Secure. With operating theatre, recovery, x-ray, ICU, dental, lab. 2 surgeons, 1 GP, 1 dentist, radiographer, 5 Health Specialists (GP (-)), nurses. 500 operations completed, Seeing 4-500 outpatients per day 3 days per week. Treated large numbers of TFG and 4 Ethiopians.
Level 1 (Burundian)
–At the University. Within the camp but not secure from fire. 3 doctors, 16 med staff. Seeing approx 5000 outpatients per month
Requirements: Blood facilities, permanent buildings, assured and effective drug supply, beds


National Reconciliation Conference: Since deployment, AMISOM has successfully facilitated the convening of the first ever NRC in Somalia July-August 2007 attended by over 2000 delegates, protected and supported the TFG to sustain its legitimacy over Somalia, provided, security for key infrastructures and international entry points as well as in areas surrounding AMISOM deployments and secured a staging base for future AMISOM and UN deployments, operations and missions.

Promotion of Dialogue: A land mark meeting was held in March 2008 in AMISOM compounds at their base in Mogadishu airport. The meeting was between the new Prime Minister Hassan Adde and the opposition leaders and elders of the Hawiiye clan. Its believed that this meeting has opened a new chapter in the political process of Somalia.

Humanitarian Assistance The military troops have facilitated provision of humanitarian assistance, medical services and safe water to communities surrounding AMISOM force deployments.

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