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The need to provide the users with reliable and harmonized statistical data on Africa

Nowadays, in the age of information, all stakeholders consider statistical data as a vital resource. This statistical data make it possible to appreciate the progress and improvement achieved in the economic and social sphere. A good database is a starting point in following-up progress in the economic and social spheres both at the national and international level.

In the last couple decades, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for statistical data to analyze African's development. The follow-up systems of the new programs for Africa's development such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), the strategy frameworks for poverty reduction and the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), created new demands and frameworks to de synthesiz e the demands for statistics .

Consequently, the increasing demands for statistical data pose challenges with the national systems of statistics, which are already weak and vulnerable. The comparable and total statistical data available in convenient time are almost non-existent. The principal economic aggregates don't have the same definition for different countries. The majority of the statistical data available on Africa are not reliable; western institutions collect the main part of the economic and social data existing on Africa. The systems of data gathering don't comply with the same standards (methodology, definition and mode of calculation of indicators or of economic aggregates).

Wrong statistical data used for economic analyses can lead to wrong policies recommendations or strategies. In the same way, wrong data cannot help us to build credible national accounting systems used by national and foreign economic operators as dashboards.

This project will be implemented in collaboration with the statistical reputation institutes like AFRISTAT and others in order to provide reliable economic and social data on Africa, and being able to be useful, for the quality scientific research.







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