Energy Infrastructure and Services in the Context of Climate Challenges

The African Union Commission, African Development Bank, and the Economic Commission for Africa are co-organizing in partnership with UN-Energy/Africa, from November 1st to 5th 2010, the first All-Africa Energy Week and the African Energy Investment Forum. The event is organized under the auspices of AU Conference of Energy Ministers of Africa that will hold its statutory meeting during the week.


An overview of the African Energy sector strikes by the contrast between a continent relatively well-endowed with energy resources and the deprivation of its population, industries and businesses of the minimum energy services and products that they require to face the challenges of modern lives, wealth creation and productivity, the essence of poverty eradication and economic growth.

Surveys in African countries show that the lack of energy has impeded recent economic growth, by slowing down businesses, reduced productivity and is threatening poverty reduction efforts in the continent.

However, energy markets on the continent are poised to drastically grow, because of the return of economic growth projected above 5% in 2011, and increased efforts for developing regional energy infrastructure. Nevertheless more concerted efforts at policy and regulatory levels for building strategic partnerships between all actors, particularly the public and the private sector are sine qua none condition for bridging the current huge energy infrastructure gap.Full Text