AMISOM, for Peace, Stability and Development in Somalia

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AMISOM Mandate
(i) To provide support to the TFIs in their efforts towards the stabilization of the situation in the country and the furtherance of dialogue and reconciliation,
(ii) to facilitate the provision of humanitarian assistance, and
(iii) to create conducive conditions for long-term stabilization, reconstruction and development in Somalia.

In this respect, AMISOM, which shall be adequately equipped to project the appropriate posture, shall undertake the following tasks:

to support dialogue and reconciliation in Somalia, working with all stakeholders,

to provide, as appropriate, protection to the TFIs and their key infrastructure, to enable them carry out their functions,
- to assist in the implementation of the National Security and Stabilization Plan of Somalia, particularly the effective reestablishment and training of all inclusive Somali security forces, bearing in mind the programs already being implemented by some of Somalia’s bilateral and multilateral partners,

to provide, within capabilities and as appropriate, technical and other support to the disarmament and stabilization efforts,

to monitor, in areas of deployment of its forces, the security situation,

to facilitate, as may be required and within capabilities, humanitarian operations, including the repatriation and reintegration of refugees and the resettlement of IDPs, and

to protect its personnel, installations and equipment, including the right of self-defense;

69th Communiqué of the AU Peace and Security Council/19 January 2007


@2008 The African Union Commission